Wednesday, March 09, 2011

It hits the fan

I finally forced self to give manager a photocopy I made in September, 2010 about Long Beach's Noise Ordinances. To wit: "Loud talking is considered disturbing the peace; we do not handle that; call the police."

January was a bad month due to a weather warming up for a few days, meaning neighbor Chris kept his door open 24/7, meaning my little break from constant loud talking, ringing telephones was over. Sunday mornings, 'round about 8AM, disturbed by the low murmur of conversation ~ Chris and Bill, despite Chris' door being closed. John's late night hammering, cleaning (wonder if he has a bucket with wheels on it, can not imagine what else would make that sound, moving from corner of his kitchen, along the walls...), running bath water full blast two hours starting at 11:30PM, Chris loud talking on one or both of his telephones, Chris loud talking to Doug, to Phil, to Bill, Bill, Bill...

Yet February 1 arrives and I am loathe to include the papers I specifically photocopied for manager. The papers I did not include with March rent were from Long Beach's Noise Ordinance ~ and what a chore finding, photocopying them from the City law book at library. Specifically the pages that deal with LOUD talking. Basically "a person of normal sensitivities". Well, since I complained about John several times when his music was concert level loud, and I could no longer tolerate it, complaining about the midnight fights, door slamming and so on; I wonder if I own the problem.

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