Thursday, March 10, 2011


A Facebook friend goes by the name NBHS Zebra. She did not want to start a group because she wanted to keep it private, just for New Brunswick High School graduates. I thought groups could restrict membership, but whatever.

A discussion is going on, the question ~ and she poses a lot of questions in her Status Updates ~ asking what expressions our parents used when we were growing up. Just things they said a lot and we found ourselves saying to our children.

I do not remember my parents saying: "Stick out your tongue, so I can see if you are lying" or "I'll wash your mouth out with soap". Never knew where I came up with the first one, but it worked. I think. My kids would obey and stick out their tongues; maybe getting a sheepish look on their face as they did so. Hard to know who is telling the truth when two children tell opposing stories; um, ditto when two adults claim the opposite of each other.

Middle daughter, said "I can still taste the Palmolive", yet I have zero recall of actually following through on the soap in mouth threat.

Not where this post was intended to go, so will start a new one.

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