Friday, March 11, 2011

New One

Getting more depressed by the minute. Mentioned the NBHS Zebra query and said I would start a new one (post).

At first I could not think up any expressions my parents used a lot when I was a child. Some friends of Ms. Zebra remembered, sweet mom saying often "Jesus, Joseph and Mary". There were a few "wait until your father gets home" and examples of child abuse. That is, "Do I have to get the Board of Education?"; that being a paddle that once had an elastic string and ball attached to it.

A cousin, may he RIP, lived with my grandparents. He told how our grandfather would send him out to get a switch and if the tree branch (maybe the proper word is twig?) was not thick enough or big enough, would send him to get another. Purpose: Charlie was about to get a beating. Several variations on the "somebodies gonna get it now" theme.

As more people post, more memories of expressions return and I am starting to wonder if my parents ever said anything nice to me at all.

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