Monday, March 07, 2011

The guys...

...come home from the ball game hootin' and hollering. Okay, I do not know if they were at a game; perhaps at a bar watching super bowl or other football game. Can not fault them and it is early, maybe 8:30PM. Yet I was tired. It was so quiet, I thought "I am going to bed early tonight", when the noise began. Maybe I should have laid down to sleep at 7:30 or so, before the noise began. I do believe I was tired enough to conk right out, yet seemed ungodly early to go to bed.

Ya see, it is not that the guys were hooting and hollering, it was the reminder of All. Summer. Long. "How long will they keep it up this time?" I wonder. When they start up ~ and it seems it is almost always on a Saturday night ~ I start looking at the time, every 3 seconds, okay, maybe every 5 or 10 minutes, who knows. "Is it 10PM yet, so I can go out and ask them to stop it?"

So it was in Jan. yes, the talking continued to 10:30PM. Oh, most of the guys finished and were gone; it was Bill whose mouth was still running. Bill who was evicted. Bill who annoyed me all summer long with his zillion phone calls a day. Bill who talked to Chris for six hours straight non-stop when he still lived here. I guess that is why when I hear Bill talking through my closed door and Chris' closed door at 8AM Sunday morning I can not tolerate it.

I am not at all ready to turn on the radio, LOUD, to drown out the sounds of those murmured conversations. My mind drifts back to how Chris would sneak Bill into his apartment over the summer. Only time during summer, except when lady was living with him, that he shut his door. Back then I was surprised that I could not hear Bill and Chris talking despite doors being closed. Now that Chris openly has Bill visiting, staying over night, I do indeed hear them. With doors closed.

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