Sunday, March 06, 2011

Insult to injury

Adding insult to injury came to mind, but not exactly relevant to this conversation. This tirade. Rant?

Kept awake by insomnia, or John's noise, I was in a foul mood when Bill's yelling at gate for Chris, woke me from sound sleep at 7AM. Oh, complexes like this, no intercom system, normal to hear someone yelling at gate for friend. I always told guests to call me, or ask what time to expect them, so I can open gate. Or, here, would leave side gate unlocked. Chris has two telephones, why TF is Bill yelling at the gate? AND...

...someone had been yelling at the gate for Chris, for 3 days, not yelling for 3 days straight, just yelling here and there. One night, yelled for 20 minutes; I was ready to go tell him to cease or I would call the cops. Perhaps that yeller, was Joey.

One more time, Saturday night, the guys get home from the game hooting and hollering. I think the unknown voice belonged to someone named Joey. They did not keep up the talking past 10PM, actually rather short this time, yet I was agitated. All of the every day other noise stuff, plus John ~ whose voice is equally as loud as Chris'. John is peculiar. He is running his bathwater or making other noise, yet hear him outside talking. Oh, maybe he has a man living with him. Seems to be noise when John should be at work or asleep. And I do hear their conversations.

So it was. Saturday night insomnia, up until 2:30AM. Maybe later (earlier?) do not know how long after the last time I looked at clock when sleep finally arrived. Did not wake until 8-something. Wondered why it was so quiet; no Chris' big mouth, nice warm day.

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