Saturday, March 05, 2011

Not that I... complaining about the lack of noise from Chris. And his door is shut, must be out and about methinks. And I thought wrong. I guess Joey spent the night. Which is likely the cause of Bill's rage. Jealousy. Oh, maybe it was close to 11AM when the yelling at gate starts. Bill yelling for Chris, yelling for all to hear how Chris stole his cell phone, "go ahead and call them, I want his ass locked up" and other words. On and on it goes. Why did I not call the police? Do not know. Perhaps it was Darryl who was having words with Bill. Or one, two other neighbors.

After an hour or so it stops. Then I get knock on door. David, manager, to speak to me about the complaint. "Why did you let it go on this long?" he wants to know. Well, gee, why did you not threaten Chris with eviction? First time I mentioned it, he said, "I do not want him to think I am singling him out." Huh? He is breaking complex rules/regulations, why the F not? Oh, and way back when it took three times to get John to (mostly) stop with the ear shattering blaring music, he said he would give notice to all tenants about those rules. And he did not.

Okay, tired of typing. It hit the fan Sunday, soon after David and I had our conversation. Bottom line: Bill is now banned from the building. Fat lot of good that will do.

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