Wednesday, March 23, 2011

...and the target market is

Per previous post, took a closer photo of this door hanger. Still can not read 1-2-3, perhaps because it is yellow and my cell phone camera does not take the best of photos.

Number 1 says: Recorta elcupon Box Tops del pagquete.

This tells me whoever placed the door hangers has a target audience and it is not me ~ someone born in the U.S.A. whose immigrant father did not bother to teach his children his language. He said "When in Rome do as the Roman's do," as his reason for speaking his learned language. Tee hee, guess he learned his native language as well. What I mean is he came to the U.S.A. and learned to speak English using it exclusively.

I had ten weeks of Spanish in Junior High School. Ten each of Latin, French and German as well. Retained very little of what I was taught. I had a learn German language cassette tape, and later borrowed both Indonesian and Spanish programs from the library. Retained very little of whatever I learned. So I do kind of resent that Number 1 did not say "clip Box Tops from General Mills cereals" with the tiny print underneath the message being written in Spanish.

This is a very dark apartment. The first thing I did the day I pulled the door hanger off my door, bringing it my house was to read 1-2-3, but of course I could not ~ not even the fine print which is in English, my native language. I do not think any of my neighbors (in this complex) know how to read Spanish. What we do not count? Not that any of them are interested in "cash to help your school" (Obten dinero para tu escuela!) ~ #3.

None of us have children in school (send them to school with your child) Da a tus hios los cupones Box Tops para que los llevena la escuela ~ #2.

I do like sugar laden Lucky Charms. I was surprised when I ate the mini-box of Honey Nut Cheerios that they were actually tasty. I remember tasting them years ago when they first hit the market; left a powdery aftertaste in my mouth and have not had them since. Cinnamon Toast Crunch sounds unappealing to me. If I want toast I will grab the bread not reach for a box of cereal.

I do send Campbell soup labels or UPC codes to my daughter for her daughters to donate to their school to help earn money. Which is not often; Campbell's soup is no longer cheap, what did it used to be? On sale ten cans for a dollar? Five for a buck? Those days are over.
My granddaughters are attending a dual language school; perhaps they would be able to read the larger 1-2-3 instructions if such a door hanger arrived on their door. So General Mills is targeting the Hispanic/Latina/Latino speaking market to hook more children on cereal that is not all that healthy.

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