Thursday, March 24, 2011

Associated Content

Associated Content was bought by Yahoo and is now Yahoo Contributor. I guess I should not say that I do not much like working for Yahoo. Oh I thought Yahoo was great for a long time. Then they started changing everything making easy tasks difficult or forcing me to do things with my email that I did not care to do. Not that I remember what those things were.

Guess I should also not say Gmail and Google are getting just as intrusive. I do appreciate the free services, including this blog, which once was a separate entity. I do not like linked accounts. If someone were to gain access to one account, they could log on to all, what is the sense of that. It makes more sense to have a different password for Blogger than for email account or You Tube. You Tube has me locked out now because I did not link it to my email account.

That is okay I will soon create a new You Tube account using my obscure email account. The one I use when I sign petitions and such. I feel a rant coming on, but that would belong on the government blog.

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