Monday, March 21, 2011


I stopped keeping a list of the flow of words in my head. Can not call them voices, more like thoughts, that just pop in there for no apparent reason. If I was keeping a list, could share some of the strange ones. Lou Diamond Phillips? Wrote about that one and traced it to having seen, in passing, a DVD at Ralphs: La Bama. Would swear I did not see Phillips name that day before his name kept playing in my head. But to show up suddenly now? Why again? That was a year ago. Or more.

That strange one, came back to me as I typed. Yesterday, it was Dundee. Of course, I think of the movie: Crocodile Dundee. Yet why would the name just show up in my mind? Out of nowhere, for no reason. Anne Heche. Well, I recently watched a You Tube video of (name escapes me, I hate that, and in addition to John's noise, Chris is coughing again, I thought his door was shut, sigh)...

Ellen Degeneres, it came to me, but scary when a name I know is simply a big blank in my mind. Ah, no sense writing any more, concentration gone and this is probably making no sense at all.

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