Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Second Watch

A quote from J. A. Jance's novel, Second Watch:

"That's what friends are for," I said. "It does not matter if they're old friends or new friends. They're the kind of people who will listen as long as you need them to because, sometimes, telling the story and having someone listen is the only way to figure out how to move on."

I guess that is the reason I suddenly appeared at my long neglected blog, not being able to move on from recent hurts that have been causing me insomnia nights. Do believe I had a few  olfactory hallucinations (phantosmia) ~ vague recall of looking around for cause of a scent that should not have  been there. Like marijuana smoke, when no was nearby, meaning the wind could not cause it to drift in my direction.
Well recalled was leaving my apartment smelling weed in the hallway. Twice late in the evening. Elderly women living on my floor are not the pot smoking type; do not think the male whose apartment is closest to mine would likely to indulge either.

Sometimes smells do drift up floors; usually smelt in the elevator. Often we smell food or burnt toast drifting out of someones apartment. No recent nightmares, however, not that I recall; glad those recurring harrowing dreams are gone.

I thanked my brother for listening several times, but had to shut up realizing I was causing him distress. And what one person considers cleaning out the house another considers improper distribution of property diminishing the value of the estate, depriving the heirs of their rightful share.

Not getting any sympathy there; okay, wrong again. A person who did not have Power of Attorney giving away pieces of Mother's estate to non-heirs, her friends, her boyfriends family, the Deli, the trash, the metal man ~ cool with him; he's not practical.

To continue to do so after death is in violation of Probate process especially since she is not Administer of the Will. Doling out Mom's possessions as if they all belonged to her and F you to legal heirs who might like to claim some property or at least have the chance to see it and decline.

Anger with no place to go. Let it go, move on. Thank you for listening.

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