Monday, May 27, 2013

Playing The Hand You're Dealt

Playing The Hand You're Dealt is the title of a novel by Trace Hickman. A wealthy couple volunteered at soup kitchens taking their son with them. They "wanted to teach (him) about life outside the walls of their luxury brownstone."

In a word, the hand life dealt me lately was: bed bugs.

Okay, that is two words, like my name, Mary Alice, meant as one. People have constantly tried to turn my name into, first name, Mary, middle name Alice. Even a Social Security worker who issued me a card saying I was Mary A. Russup. I have taken to writing it as MaryAlice in an effort to make it clearer than writing it in First Name space with dash in Middle Name space.

Anyway we can not say bed or bugs and know one means those nasty little critters that come a creeping while one is sleeping to suck one's blood. And when people ask me my name I usually say Mary, but still annoying when it is related to anything legal.

I have been dealing with this hand and the other one: trying to concentrate on what I am doing or falling to sleep listening to neighbor's loud TV and/or stereo (radio, who knows.) The third issue was less a hand life dealt me and more a result of my own life choices.

What hand has life dealt you? Did you accept it, deal with it or try to change it?

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