Friday, February 08, 2013

Criminal Minds

Do not know who to credit this image to. It was posted by Long Beach City via their Facebook page, asking if anyone knew what the film is where this scene appeared.

Weekdays, I take the 10th Street bus downtown; get off at 3rd Street, cut through parking lot, walk south on Cedar to the library. Which means I often pass this church whose name I should know. It is where the temporary Winter Shelter was housed in the basement in December 2004. And, yes, every time I pass by, my mind drifts back to those days.

Another memory of that church is the arse, Jet, telling me his friend, Freddy, used to stand outside the church, panhandling, I suppose. The people leaving the church were very generous, according to Jet. He said Freddy said that someone attending a wedding there gave him a hundred dollar bill.

2006, the church had a Sunday drop-in center. I visited when on the streets and later when homed, as the meals were for anyone. Very nice.

I am not sure the building next to the church is the Senior apartment complex where I may/may not get approved for an affordable apartment. During the Winter Shelter cigarette breaks, people from that building complained about the smokers being in the parking lot. Riffraff. Thus, the person-in-charge would lead smokers out a locked gate and they had to stand along a wall an alley.

Speaking of criminal minds, John was out in courtyard yakking away. It is raining. Earlier I was annoyed that, despite the pitter-patter of rain, I could hear Doug coughing. Why would he be standing in courtyard in rain, I wondered, surely I would not hear the coughing if he were inside his apartment, across the way and three apartments down from me. John's big mouth annoys me on principle. Even though I can hear him ~ or all of them ~ loud and clear as if they were standing right in front of me, I do not catch all their words.

John was agitated. Wondered if he was arguing with the other voice who seemed equally perturbed. Someone went upstairs, stomping, knocking, I am guessing, on David's door. Back down, back up. Wondered if someone was going up to complain to David about John and a possible fight. John's water or toilet makes that awful racket, so someone must be in his apartment. Perhaps it is Doug? But think I heard Doug join the conversation ~ from a distance.

Someone rattles a screen door. I am guessing it is across the way. Rattled it even louder, I get up, to open door, must be mine, but no one is out there. Closed door a bit too fast. Heard talking, saw flash light flashing.  It is the police. I heard John say something about calling the police. I stood by door hoping to hear why he ~ I am guessing it was him, unless he was advising whomever he was speaking with to do so ~ on Alex.

All I heard was one of the cops say sarcastically, "You don't remember?" Thought it would be impolite to open the door to listen to what was going on. I imagine, that it was the police who went stomping upstairs twice. Dying of curiosity here. 

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