Thursday, February 07, 2013

Locked Gate

Walked to newly opened Food for Less early; five dozen eggs on sale for $4.98. When I was till employed, living a fairly normal life I stopped eating eggs. Prior to, I ate a lot of eggs. My motivation was to lower the super high cholesterol. It was strange, though, I ate fried or scrambled eggs for weekend breakfast; I loved making potatoes & eggs for dinner.

When I lived on Broadway I splurged for a Friday night dinner at Two Umbrellas ~ the omelettes and potato portions meant I already had the next day's breakfast ready to microwave ~ sometimes lunch too or Sunday breakfast as well. Loved eggs. Strange as I did not miss them. Was eating fruits, nuts, grains, vegetables, fish, food like that.

Sun was shinning as I walked there and back; saw guy walking in front of me wearing shorts and short sleeve t-shirt; I was wearing winter cap, thin thermal shirt, jacket, poncho, thin thermal long john's, sweat pants, a pair of soon to be discarded elastic waist pants that belonged to my mother. He must have a hot body or likes being cold, I thought. On the way home saw two young gals, skimpy tops, shorts up to here ~ booty shorts maybe they would be called. How I must look to them, eh.

Unpacked groceries, started scrambled eggs cooking, put other eggs in pot, ready to put on burner when eggs done, to boil for egg salad. Started to rain ~ rain with tiny pellets of hail, oh my. I wondered if the guy with shorts was where ever he headed or now being pelted by cold rain and tiny hard balls of ice. The girls were getting in a car, so likely not affected. Two of my neighbors were outside talking or so it seemed.

A floor shaking LOUD rumble of thunder, but only that one, rain stopped. A while later opened back door, considered taking photo of small hair accumulation on John's floor mat. I noticed our gate door was ajar. Mike told me Alex lost his key to back gate padlock. Since Alex has moved into the building, I notice the front gate door is left open a lot. Since Alex is often out front, I tend to leave it open. Today I went out to close it.

Saturday night, about 8PM, I opened back door. I did my usual look to left and right to see if there were any animals out there ~ used to be the cats constantly cut through from street to alley or the other way, not so much anymore. After coming this close to getting skunked, plus seeing two rats and a possum, I am diligent about checking before looking at night sky.

As I looked towards the alley, I saw a man running ~ fast, head down, sort of bent over. I was so shocked, I quickly jumped back inside, slammed door ~ I never slam it ~ locked it, heart pounding. A quick glance, but quite sure it was not Alex. And even if it were why would he be running like that? Surely was not Phil or Sean; seldom if ever see either use their back doors.

I was frozen by the door as whoever it was ran past, out the front gate slamming it behind him. At first, I thought he was running to attack me, then thought he may have been trying to break into Sean's apartment, saw me and took off in my direction. Later thought that maybe the guy had jumped the fence. That makes the most sense. It happened so fast, but it did not seem he started running from a standstill.

I was thinking about that when I shut the gate today. Maybe Alex had left the front gate open, someone came inside...

Other than that do not know how anyone would be out there unless someone that left gave him a gate or padlock key. Was a scary moment for me.

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