Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Hate Everyone...

...starting with Google for ruining Blogger for me. Actually, "I Hate Everyone...Starting with Me," is a book by Joan Rivers. I thought I would enjoy it, because, more often than I care to admit, I feel the same way. I gave it a one star rating at Goodreads, meaning "I did not like it."

Did not get the humor; not even a smile, let alone any laugh out loud chuckles. This type of book is normally a quick read. I picked it up, put it down for over a week, wondering why I would continue to read if it did not hold my interest.

Yes, I hate what Google has done here at Blogger. Every time I consider signing in, to post about books that mention homeless people, I dread the thought; just make notes on a Notepad document ~ "to do," someday, maybe. Hard habit to break when one has been blogging for as long as I have.

From the book, "I Hate Everyone... Starting with Me":

Complaining about "people who can not walk two blocks without drinking water," and offer her "a drink of water from their bottle after wiping it off on with the hem of their sweaty T-shirt," Joan mentions something about "a homeless guy," that I do not want to repeat here.

"New York is the fashion center of America. Even the homeless have style---and its not just knowing how to  make a shopping cart into an accessory. Little do realize the homeless have a great eye for layering." Joan is not "a fan of layering but,the homeless can putt it off...". She continues with a description of homeless people's layers.

In the same chapter she mentions urine-scented air in the city. More true in some parts of the city than in others.

I do not exactly hate, "...fat ethnic girls who wear 'LET'S GET NAKED' T-shirts six sizes too small," but do understand Joan's sentiment on that one.

I never heard of "tasting menus." Joan writes, "The only thing tasting menus are good for is the homeless, because the meal never stops."

There may have been other minor homeless mentions in "I Hate Everyone...Starting with Me." I considered returning it to library unfinished, so lost interest in finding a reference to homelessness or homeless people. Why bookmark the page only to remove the bookmarks later with the last of the book unread. I guess I like to be thorough. No way was I going back to find any I missed!

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