Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Crooked Man

An author I like gave Crooked Man by Tony Dunbar a rave review. Action is set in New Orleans; main character is Tubby DuBonnet, Attorney at Law. The novel lists Crooked Man below City of Beads, causing me to think Crooked Man was the second book in a series. So I read City of Beads first, only to learn it was the second novel. No big deal, except I was not thrilled with either of the books, which did not seem to be mysteries to me.

For some reason the name Tubby annoyed me. The character is fairly standard ~ divorced and looking, father of teenage daughters ~ which comes in handy when bad guys use threats of harm to the girls to get Tubby to do their bidding.

Vagrants and panhandlers are mentioned in the novels; none part of the stories. View from restaurant window shows "A casual mix of coat-and-tie office workers and the homeless, civilization's stragglers, looking for shade, a handout, or a little hope..."

Dunbar writes: "Safety for the single always lies in inaction." Perhaps one would need to read the book to grasp the meaning of that. I found it to be good advice for me.

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