Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fight Night

Doing whatever I was doing ~ most likely reading ~ I was not paying attention to the various noises; assumed it was John's usual dropping stuff on the floor, banging/slamming around his apartment. I finally looked up ~ as if I could see outside the Great Room high windows, wondering if neighbors in house next door were doing some light hammering on their roof. Got up, turned off fan to determine if the voices were coming from that yard or closer to home.

I have heard Mike's voice rise in annoyance, but this is the first I heard him going off in a loud rant. I am assuming his fight was with Doug. One of the two had yelled he was going to call the police. The only other clear words I heard was Mike complaining, "Yeah but you won't tell (?) to turn down his stereo because (?) is your buddy." I opened my door a crack but the fighting stopped. What I heard, loud and clear was Doug's music.

I had seen Mike earlier as I walked home from Ralph's. He told me Doug is back. Doug, he told me a while ago, was in the hospital. I thought that was due to the pancreatic cancer, but Mike said it was one of those studies that pays participants. Doug said, Mike reported, that he would be their guinea pig because he was getting paid for it.

I wondered if Doug would be allowed to smoke his medical marijuana and if he was detoxing from alcohol while hospitalized. Doug told me previously that he would not get help for the cancer; did not trust doctors; did not want chemo or radiation or prescription medicines. Thus I thought it odd he would participate in the study or whatever it was.

As far as I know no one called the cops. Could not hear Doug's music with my door closed, thus not something I could report to manager. Soon after the fight ended, heard John running his mouth. Got up and turned on fan. I am guessing John was down by Doug's apartment. Chris was home for a few days, cough, cough, cough, ring, ring, ring, "Chris," yelled at gate stopped after he left premises again.

Have not heard Phil's drone during Doug's absence. Before that, Mike told me Phil would open his door, play his TV real loud to find out if Doug was at home or awake. And visa versa. Whatever. I enjoyed being able to go out and check my mail without seeing Doug sitting on plastic lawn chair by the side of his door. (10:21PM, sounds like John dropping sink strainer on kitchen floor, nah, he does not know what that is, oh, I get it, must be a tool, taking tires off bike again. Whatever it is, does not just drop, sort of rolls across the floor. Sigh.)

New neighbor is still quiet. Wonder what he thinks about the rest of neighbors, their fights and other noise.

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