Sunday, September 16, 2012


Foggy, cool morning, I decided to go to laundromat rather than beach or lagoon. Never know how accurate those weather forecasts would be (sunny, hot afternoon). I crossed my fingers as I walked hoping there would be an open washer. Thankful that one was available; loaded my clothes, walked next door to Arco's ampm mini-mart; no change machines, same owners, that is how patrons get their quarters.

I took a twenty dollar bill out of my wallet ~ was getting a coffee refill, something to eat, did not know if a ten would cover that and the $3.00 worth of quarters. Young guy at register had to get more quarter rolls. He had counted out some quarters, then went to side counter, standing behind man, I take to be owner or manager, came back, with a plastic container, removed quarter roll, then paper, then counted out more quarters, then counted out bills.

I could not see how much my sale was because the little digital terminal thingy was blocked by an 8'" x 11" sheet of paper asking customers to donate a dollar to help "Steve" who ever he is. The cashier handed me the quarters, then the bills, counting out ~ $9.91 ~ which I guessed was correct. I put quarters in one pocket, the bills and change in the other. Surprised to see the washer price rose from a dollar to $1.50.

Could barely shut the detergent dispenser, so used one of the coffee stirrers to clean dried crud from outer rims ~ thinking about when Mike used to clean there. Eating burger, went to put bills back in wallet ~ $3.00. Huh? I thought he gave me $9.00+ change. I did the math ~ decided he gave me change for a ten not a twenty. Went back to ampm to tell him.

"No, I remember you," he said, "you gave me a ten." We bickered back and forth. The man I assume to be owner heard this ~ as did another man who might be co-owner. The proper thing for a store to do, is close the register and balance it. Proof. The kid insisted that was not possible. He also kept insisting I was wrong, then said I did not say anything when he counted out the change. Sigh.

I asked if I could give him my name, so that when they balanced the register, if it showed over $10.00 they would know it belonged to me. "Can not do that." Sigh. I told him I have been coming to there for many years. He finally agreed to take my name; did not want a telephone number, told me to come in "day after tomorrow." Yeah right. Now that he knows he ripped me off for $10.00 he will be pocketing it.

No sense in even going back ~ but I will to see if Alma or the other lady who knows me by sight is working. It will not hurt Arco's ampm if they lose me for a customer ~ I will walk across the street to 7/11 if I want a real cup of coffee. I loathe walking to a different laundromat, but will do so rather than giving them another dime.

Yes, I guess, it was my fault ~ I did not move the paper sign in order to see how much the sale was, did not count the quarters, did not pay attention to how many bills he was handing me. Still insisting I was wrong, was wrong, not willing to prove he was right by having the register balance was wrong ~ which would have proved he was wrong and I was correct. I have zero hopes that those people will be honest about it.

I do believe the other men are new owners of the business. I may have seen the cashier previously ~ different employees on weekends, quick turnover it seems to me. Seems today's business motto is: The customer is always wrong.

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