Saturday, September 08, 2012

After Chauncey

After Chauncey left, I closed the door. 9:30PM, I decide to re-open door, fan catty-cornered to draw out stale air. I used to do that much earlier. Have been waiting to air out my apartment until later due to Phil and Doug's intrusions, and now that Chris is back from his vacation with lover Tony, wait upon his coughing to stop.

I am angry at self; did not matter who was knocking at my door, I should have said the same thing: DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS? I remember long ago being startled when Dupree knocked at my door that late. He was visiting then neighbor, Victor or more likely Victor's friend Steve. I did not yell at Dupree that time either. I have to learn not to be polite to people.

John and the lady were still carrying on their loud conversation. Too early to be violation of House Rules & Regulations. I wonder if Chauncey was visiting with John, drinking, smoking pot. Not that I am aware of John smoking weed, but do know he tosses back that beer.

Clueless as to what John and lady are doing ~ moving her stuff into his apartment? Dragging a cart? I go to kitchen. As I go back into Great Room, I see John and lady are now standing in front of my door ~ talking loud, doing whatever they are doing. I want to close door, but do not want to see John. I think maybe she is moving into apartment across from me. They move and when I go to close door there is no indication that she is a new tenant.

Perhaps she is moving stuff out of Jerome's apartment upstairs, or moving into it. Unlikely. Jerome is moving to the other side of town; will be managing another of Beasley's properties. He has been in this building for 18 (or more years). I have not seen Jerome since last time I saw him working at Albertsons. Doubtful that he could have moved and his apartment cleaned, painted, and so on.

I have heard a lady yelling for Mike to let her inside the gate; going upstairs. Thought she must stay with Jerome at times. Never saw her, only heard her. "Forgot my key." Also David's sister, I assume, sometimes shouts to be let inside. She and David's nephew who lives with him, sometimes yell for David and then he admonishes them for not having their keys.

John and lady's noise continued for a while, then the talking and dragging noises stopped. Relief, except that I am wired. I had been tired enough to go to sleep at 7:30PM. Quiet, but decided it was too early and I would wait a while. Was still sleepy when Chauncey knocked on my door. Now wide awake.

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