Saturday, September 08, 2012

No rest...

My mother used to say, "No rest for the weary." I no longer remember those days when I had three young children, and could really relate to that expression. Just came back to me as I tried to think of title for this post.

Chauncey leaves, John and lady quiet down, I continue to read, now that my eyes are not heavy with sleep and body is agitated. BANG! The floor under my feet vibrate from whatever John dropped on his kitchen floor to make that loud noise. After 10PM. Sigh. The sudden loud noise, of course, causes me to startle ~ fight or flight rush.

Still had fan running on high, so the continued LOUD bangs do not sound as loud as they would if it was off. I still startle from a couple of them. I go to bathroom. Maybe John is moving furniture, I think, because the banging and dragging moves into his Great Room. This continued until close to 10:45PM. I wonder if anyone could fall to sleep listening to noise like that.

The good news is, have not heard John's television (and radio, stereo) in a few days. Wonder if he got notice from Noise Ordinance office; they have not contacted me regarding my written complaint.

11:30PM Chris starts coughing. I get up to go to kitchen. Cough, cough, cough. I think he must be standing in front of his door, as I have seen him do when his coughing is especially loud. I go take a peek. No, he is coming out of his kitchen carrying what looks like a loaf of bread. He crosses the room. I think to go to his bathroom. No, that could not be, bathroom is in front. Perhaps he sat on edge of his bed, not visible from his open window.

Truly not all that disturbed seeing man in his underwear. Yet somehow think a woman should not be subjected to sight of neighbor in his underwear. Jockey shorts? Do not know, they are skin tight. Of course if I had not peeked out of my blinds would not have seen him. Not like the first time I opened my door at midnight (to air out apartment before bed, not able to do so until Chris and Bill shut the heck up) to see Chris sleeping, no covers.

No law saying a neighbor has to shut door when they go to sleep. Decent person would leave door on an angle. Would not leave it wide open, and now, window as well. He never left a front window and blinds open in the 3 or so years he lived here. I wonder, now that he is living diagonally across from me, if he started doing so, in order to keep an eye on my comings and goings.

Chris obviously does not care about his own privacy when sleeping. I guess other tenants do not have rights to privacy from seeing him in his underwear.

Woke today, Thursday, September 6, 2012, at usual 6AM-ish time despite having stayed up well past midnight, too agitated to sleep. I am angry that I now have another problem to solve: Chauncey. Went back to sleep. Woke after 7AM. Soon treated to Chris' coughs. Soon treated to Chris' loud talking ~ on cell phone, walks to front of building. "Called the paramedics; I can walk, but...". Um...

I did not hear paramedics last night, nor this morning. Bad start to the day. Unsure what to do with it. Know I should be heading downtown to speak to Legal Aid lawyer about manager not "equally" enforcing House Rules & Regulations. I am keeping a list of disturbances. Wish I had not destroyed the other lists after Chris moved out. How could I have envisioned a future where the manger would let that boy-in-man's body move back into this complex!

Sigh, sigh, sigh. No closer to a solution about moving then I have ever been. Still, better than going back to live on the streets. Body much too old and feeble for that now.

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