Saturday, September 01, 2012

105 ~ 107

No, 105 ~ 107 is not another temperature comparison report. It is a weight comparison one.

A few days or week ago, I stopped to get a burger at a place on 4th & Junipero. A nearby church used to give out a meal ticket to homeless people, redeemable at the joint. Do not recall ever eating there in my old homed days; recall the burger was very tasty. I have stopped there a few times in recent years. Burgers not as tasty as I recall, nor as cheap ~ I could be wrong, thought they had a 99 cent one.

I noticed one of those horoscope/weight machines. I have an uncomfortable too protruding pot belly that I keep telling myself I need to exercise away. Thus stepped on machine, expecting maybe an Omigod, 120 pounds. I think the scale was inaccurate ~106? I minus out a pound for sneakers, clothes likely do not add up to another pound of weight.

Today, August 29, 2012, I walked back to Shoreline Village from beach at Alamitos and Ocean purposely to weigh myself on their scale. Today I wore lightweight flip flops. That scale's wand zipped up and stopped at 107 pounds. Oh my. The last time I remember dipping below 110 was when I first started skating. I have zero recall of weighing myself while street living ~ but I probably did at that tall, silver, old-fashion scale at Shoreline Village.

I have the vaguest recollection of being weighed while on streets and soon after getting off them via the Safe Haven program. My head tells me I was 112 pounds. I bought a pair of jeans a size larger because I thought I was gaining weight ~ pair of jeans I had for many years were getting snug. Regretted buying the other pair a size larger ~ need to safety pin them ~ low slung ~ keep sliding down rather than staying put just below waist line.

I also noticed other shorts that I had for years slip downwards. I thought that was due to wear and tear. Made no sense to me, what with the enlarged belly. Of course, the weight loss could be due to lost muscles or shrinking bones. Whatever. I still need to start some ab exercising!

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