Thursday, August 02, 2012

The Lion is in

The Lion is in by Delia Ephron does not mention homelessness. Tracee looks like a runaway bride, dressed in wedding gown and veil; Lana, in jeans and t-shirt, standing by side of rural road not sure what to do about a flat tire. Tracee does not want to get the gown dirty, thus Lana has to figure out how to change the flat. As she is doing this Rita appears walking down the road. She offers to help Lana tighten the lug nuts by standing on the wrench handle while Lana turns. Lana asks her if she wants a ride. Tracee does not think it a good idea ~ on the lam. Lana says they are looking for two women, having Rita with them will be an asset.

The ladies take turns driving, aimlessly, it seems Rita is content to go where ever they are heading even though they are not clear about that themselves. Tracee falls asleep at the wheel, crashing into a guard rail. Car disabled the ladies climb through a window of what appears to be an abandoned nightclub, making a hasty retreat upon spying a lion in a cage. Too cold to spend the night outdoors, they climb back inside, sleeping in the club's men's room. Thus begins the adventure.

There is no mention of Lana and Tracee's apartment, they fled in haste without even a suitcase or toothbrush, so in a way, homeless. Lots of homeless people are fleeing police from where ever they used to live. Enjoyable story.

Interesting to me: "No question, the cat understands that gestures have more power when made rarely."  Perhaps that will not make sense out of context of the story, but it makes sense to me.

Also interesting: "Alcohol, the perfect cure for insomnia." Have been suffering insomnia for two weeks, tho' calendar may tell me it has been less time than that. That story is for another post, just relevant to events of the past few days (or two weeks).

"When Lana became a serious and committed drinker she understood how alcoholics provoke and manipulate by turns begging, angry, hostile, seductive. Feelings dulled by booze left one free to feign anything."

I am sitting here feeling terrible, picturing neighbor Doug's face when I went off on him a day or so ago. I am wanting to apologize, then angry feeling he manipulated me, that I allowed him to do so, due to his hurt expressions, and begging (or trying to get me to change my mind, which I regretted once I did so.). The situation the cause of my current insomnia nights.

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