Saturday, August 18, 2012

Plumbing Repair

I guess this is called lathe and plaster construction. I learned that the apartment complex I live in was built in 1923. I could not locate any information regarding efficiency apartments of this style having been built as Navy housing. I do not remember how I learned these type buildings were built as off base housing for Navy personnel. Pre-Internet, perhaps I was told this by an old-time Long Beach resident or read about it via library display or local history book.

I am now sure I was wrong in asserting these ice box, Murphy bed style complexes were home to Navy men and, I guess, women.

There was a time I knew what this type construction was called ~ lived in many old homes in Pennsylvania of exact style. Back then I knew when this type of construction was replaced by drywall construction. Perhaps my father or one of my brothers had educated me.

These two photos are from outside wall. Sean had some type of plumbing problem. Part of the plumbing repair was to tear open this section of wall. The handymen covered the hole with a large sheet of plastic. As I walked past it, I would pick up the plastic from sidewalk, try to reattach it. It was useless; wind soon pulled the tape off the wall. Not sure when the plastic disappeared completely.

The top picture does not clearly show cobweb filled crawl space under building. Because I was trying to get a clear view of missing slat in second photo, I noticed I could see between the cracks right into Sean's apartment. Just barely, a bottle of water or something on his floor. Easy access for bugs.

I often think the walls are "paper thin" which is why John's noise travels through them so easily. Plus his cooking smells. I guess the plaster/gravel that once filled spaces between the slats has so deteriorated, and crumbled, they truly are no determent to noise. No installation is another reason for that.


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