Sunday, August 19, 2012

New Neighbor

Lyric plays in my mind this morning: "another night without slumber" Took me a while to find the song, Ask Any Girl, by the Supremes, 1964 ~ because lyric place I checked had it "without sleep". The line is actually "many nights without slumber".

Have not seen my new neighbor, except the top of his head as he walked past my windows. He seems quiet, thus far, except for coming and going a lot, which likely means he probably does not have a job.

He has left front gate ajar several times. Perhaps that is why John removed his tireless bike that has been chained to the fence, that he put back out there two days after manager told him he could not use the area for storage. I also notice a brown paper shopping bag and blue tote bag sitting on the ground in front of new neighbor's door. The blue bag was lying down on its side in front of the mat, meaning if I went to take out trash or leave apartment by alley gate I would have had to step over it, or move it.

This morning the blue bag was moved, standing up. What kind of sense does that make to leave shopping bags on a public sidewalk. If they were flat against his wall, would not be so offensive. Much better, though, then John's cart and ever escalating storage stuff. John's mop is still leaving against the fence weeds, directly in front of gate, tilted just a bit, so that a person could knock it over if opening the gate wide. No biggie.

The reason I did not sleep well: I heard the low hum of something, not terribly loud, just loud enough so that I was disturbed. I got up to check to see if it was John's kitchen radio or television ~ which would mean moving my radio back into kitchen and blah, blah, blah.

No the sound was coming from new neighbor's apartment, perhaps, an oscillating fan motor; high, low, high low. When it was low, the sound was not disturbing. I refused to put in earplugs, was rather too hot with pillow over head, just used folded up throw cover, arm over head to press it over my ears. Still took way too long to relax into sleep, waking several times before morning arrived.

Not something I can complain to manager about ~ much better than late night noise used to come out of that apartment when Victor stayed there, usually when his friend Steve was visiting (or living with him, might be more accurate description.)

The other problem is new neighbor's apartment has a circuit breaker that controls one of my Great Room plugs. It flipped off one night, shutting down the computer; turned right back on. Not so since Friday evening. His lights were out, so I assumed he would flip the circuit breaker back on in the morning. Nope. I moved the power outlet to outlet near door ~ thankfully the Internet telephone connection line was long enough to do that.

I use the outlet near the door to run the fan to draw out stale air or pull in cool morning or night air. That outlet always made me nervous due to sparks flying, so I basically used the other one. I have to rearrange furniture so that I have easy access to third plug, which at present is behind sofa bed, only powering the lamp. When Victor still lived there it was a constant problem with his circuit breaker tripping ~ mine too ~ but not sure it turned off Victor's power, or just John's power.

Anyway, another reason for me to find a solution to my moving problem.

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