Saturday, August 04, 2012

A Mercy

Let your yes mean yes, and your no mean no. How did I forget about that one, been years since I thought about it, just popped back to mind.

I no longer remember specifics: Knock, knock, who's there, Doug, do you want a drink, I have two bottles, Vodka and Brandy. First of June? First of May? Dunno. Just got paid, bought gallon sizes. Wants to share, because I gave him that card...

No, thank you shortly becomes, well, okay, I get a cup, decide on Brandy, he pours in almost 1/2 a cup. I may have insomnia, will save it to put me to sleep. Knock, knock, who's there, Doug, he has had enough, do I want the rest of his bottle of Vodka, he does not want to pour good booze down the drain. No thank you becomes, well, okay, I do not really like Vodka but I will save it for an insomnia night.

I already explained that I do not drink. I buy a bottle as insomnia cure, have a drink, goes down nicely, have another, a bit stronger, then start drinking straight out of the bottle, drunken, fitful sleep, wake woozy, do not like it, so much, much better not to buy a bottle in first place.

"I could give it to (who I do not know) but I know you will not abuse it, so I want you to have it." Duh? I just explained how I abuse it. Knock, knock, okay, will stop that ~ How much Vodka did you drink? Knock, knock "Do you want the rest of this Brandy?" NO! Are you sure, I want you to have it. We go back and forth on it, he all dejected walks away (finally) with his bottle in hand.

Maybe that was before Chris moved out.

Oy, vey, I created a monster. "I consider it a mercy," he tells Phil. "I consider it a mercy," he tells me. Sleep aid is all, now that Chris is back. Too bad he did not explain that he was trying to be helpful, not repay me for a dumb arse card that I did not want to be paid back for having given it to him.

Seeing things in retrospect it is always easy to see how I screw up. Knock, knock, who's there, Doug? "Please do not knock on my door anymore." To which he would have said? Sad Sack eyes, that only brighten when he finally convinces (manipulates) me into accepting a gift I do not want or need.

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