Wednesday, July 25, 2012


"She complains all the time, so don't (unheard), I don't want to hear her complain." ~ manager of building to neighbor, Chris. Yes, the manager of building allowed Chris to move back into the building, disregarding the safety of other tenants and our rights to quiet enjoyment of our leased residences. My beautiful two month vacation from Chris' coughing is over.

That is why I included the quote about stress in post about Casey Anthony. I saved one quote for this post: "~affirmed as a person, rather than treated as a nonperson." That is exactly as I felt when Mr. Manager complained to Chris about me. It is okay for Chris to call me an effing bitch, to keep me awake night after night, week after week, month after month, choke Phil to point of passing out, causing me fear if I dare to ask Chris to lower his voice, radio, shut his door so his disturbing coughing is not so loud.

She? Complains all the time? Not hardly. I am looking into suing the owner for Mr. Manager's breach of implied covenant. Drains me emotionally. House Rules and Regulations will be enforced equally, it says. Chris has been violating them for three years. John too, for a lesser period of time. Mary reports the violations to long-suffering manager when the conditions become intolerable. Because how will Mr. Manager know the men are violating my rights to comfort (ah, I have to look it up and what is my conveniences, except perhaps unencumbered access to gate door?) if I do not tell him?

Complain? Well, yes, I am issuing a verbal complaint about the violation of my rights. He does not want to hear me? Well, we are of like mind, I do not want to call him at all. What if he told both men they are in violation of House Rules & Regulations and to cease and desist? That if they violate said rules one more time, he will evict them? Might have helped.

Of course, David does not care about me as a person, a human being, just like himself and his nephew Patrick. He can not extend the same demands he has for himself and his nephew to the tenants who are guaranteed those rights, by law. As long as he is not in pain or suffering, eff the rest of us. Anyway...

"~chronic emotional stress can eventually trigger cardiac arrest, ending a man's life." I used to think my life would end with a heart attack on a dance floor. Now I think the chronic emotional stress from Chris and John will do it.

The incident was silly, actually. It was triggered by 3 or more years of Chris' violations, disturbances, rudeness, keeping me awake or waking from sound sleep. Him or his guests. Listening to him cough since January 2011. Since he has been back, his coughing is already getting on my nerves. He woke me at 6AM one morning with his cough. He disturbs my "peace and comfort" by taking his LOUD coughing to John's apartment when John is still at work. Getting from two sides. At least I can somewhat block it out when he is in his own apartment by leaving the fan Doug gave me on high speed. Which gets on my nerves also, but better than that COUGH.

Kitchen window open, busy doing whatever I was doing, slightly irritated by Chris' cough coming through over the sound of fan motor, blades whirling, when I hear a noise outside my kitchen window. I get up to investigate to see Chris, nice as you please, placing hanger after hanger on the vine filled fence behind John's apartment. Over the bike, even with the vines curling around it.

I saw red. Slammed my window shut, found cell phone, turned it on, laid it down to wait for service so I could call David to, um, complain, went to open front door, okay if Chris is over there, I can air out my Great Room, see Patrick walking up steps carrying a huge gold-paper wrapped gift, David in front of him.

I yell "David, blah, blah, blah." He comes down the stairs and goes to Chris' window to stare inside. Um, he is not there, I say, he is behind my apartment, blah, blah, blah. If he wants to hang clothes, why not  hang them behind his own apartment, I query. Even knowing why ~ Chris is hanging John's laundry for him. I said I do not know if it is against the rules and regulations, but it is unsightly.

Mike yells for me telling me Sean hangs his clothes on the fence. I say, I do not care that Sean hangs his clothes on the fence, it is Chris, and mentioned being perturbed that David let him move back into the building.

Truly, though, it does bother me to see clothes hanging on the vines. I do not mind when it is Sean. He finds spaces of the fence free from plants and he does not leave them hanging out there for two, three or more days. Sean also does not hang things over public access gate door. Sean also never disturbs my peace or in anyway bothers me.

I got out House Rules, and yes, it is there about "no hanging" of clothes, etc. It does not specify "fence", balcony, which we do not have or windows. I already knew we are not allowed to shake rugs and stuff outside. I am guilty of doing that now and then. I am also guilty of hanging clothes on that back fence. Pre-John and on rare occasions when I was going to be sitting out back reading ~ an hour tops. Speed up drying time of jeans. Would find it unthinkable to hang personal things like my underwear out there.

Anyway, it was silly to get so upset. Not silly that I have to tolerate Chris' in my back "yard" when I am getting ready to leave the apartment via that gate, so that Chris will not know that I am not at home. Due to the paranoia created when he tried to help Steve break into Victor's apartment and other stuff.

Okay so now I gave John another reason to possibly retaliate against me. I need to move somewhere; just not sure how to accomplish that on my very limited income.

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