Thursday, July 26, 2012

Casey Anthony

"Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony: A Psychological Portrait" by Keith Ablow, M.D. did not exactly take me inside Casey's mind. It was all conjecture based on the author's research and experience in the field. That does not imply that he did not get it exactly right or that the book was totally boring. I guess I expected more than what I already know of the woman and her family.

Reason for posting here: in a way Casey was homeless after she left her parents' home. There is a list of men she was with during the month before the truth that Caylee was gone was discovered by her parents. She texted X, she called Y, she spent the night with Z and so on. Known as "couch surfing" or in a way, homeless, even though she had a fixed permanent address to go home to.

"The stress can act on blood vessels, causing them to clamp down, limiting the oxygen carried to the heart muscle, ultimately destroying the muscle."

"~people need 'emotional oxygen' to feed their souls and sustain that core identity we call self."

"Without enough emotional oxygen, a person can die spiritually."

"~mental, physical, or sexual abuse can suck all the emotional oxygen out of a home, psychologically suffocating one or more occupants."

I think, in a way, I have died spiritually. That has not turned me into a pathological liar. Then again, I was not sexually abused by my father as Casey claims she was, in addition to her. The bold face lying reminded me of  my ex-mother-in-law and her son, my ex-husband in addition to a few other people I have known prone to telling outrageous lies. Even believing their own fabrications themselves, making them a convincing liar.

I imagine Casey had such experience at getting her lies believed she thought she would snow the detectives when she only frustrated them in their attempt to get her to tell the truth.

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