Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Department of Social Services

An orange envelope arrived in the mail today. I guess they are called orange. Scotch tape sealed the closure on back of the thick business sized envelope. I quickly checked return address: Department of Social Services, becoming anxious. Perhaps, I thought, someone I knew from the streets was using the envelope to write me a long letter? Or: What did I do wrong?

I am not sure why I am still getting mail from them. I am no longer living on the streets receiving financial aid, and food stamps. The last I got was to inform me of a new case worker. What case? I am guessing I am associated with them due to California disability payments. Not that I get any ~ the last case worker insisted I keep Medical, even though I said I did not want it; have Medicaid or Medicare, whatever. The small monthly payment is taken to pay for premiums and truly, with 2/3 of my income paying rent, I would rather have that little bit of cash than pay premiums for a service I never use.

I did not unknowingly do anything wrong. The new case worker wants all the stuff they already have. Proof of citizenship, copy of drivers license, bank statements, proof of income, award letter from Social Security. The prior case worker said I did not need to provide a copy of award letter I do not think I have, because I got direct deposit.

The paper work is due back by April 30th. That means a trip to library tomorrow, perhaps a wait upon Internet, to print out bank statements ~ and it has to be that whole long, statement, not just the short view showing transactions  ~ do not ask me why ~ I guess they need that bit about reconciling statement with checkbook that prints out with each of the numerous pages of statement and all that extra info that is useless.

Then I can use copier for all the other stuff. Why I have to spend the extra money to gather all this info, likely pay more postage ~ again ~ to return it ~ when they already have it all is beyond me. Yet glad that is the envelope had in store for me. Phew.

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