Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Give Up!

The other night as I turned off computer getting ready for bed, I thought my next post here would be: That's it. I've had it. I give up. Blogger changed the format to make it ugly and harder to use. Of course, I thought after I sent requested feedback about the change, Google now owns Blogger and the blog format changes that make it so unsightly are identical to what they did to Gmail.

Compact is how it is now; the dividing lines between post titles, are fairly non-existent, with huge spaces between them in the new "easier to use" version. I remember thinking Blogger was the best, which is why I stopped blogging at all my other blogs, removing all posts. I may still have accounts at some of them: Live Journal, Word Press and so on.

I got an AOL e-mail account, then forgot where I stuck the user info and password; have not been back since. That was due to hating the Gmail changes, thinking to ditch it for personal mail. Now I think to start blogging at one of my existing blogs and ditching Blogger.

But why bother? My original blog was great ~ the one inaccessible to me because I copied it to disc that F-drive no longer reads and deleted the posts here. I doubt I could rewrite my homeless story in the manner I first did, when it was fresh in my mind. My notes are gone too. Saddest is the photographs, like of Eddie, now deceased that I will never be able to retake. Plus all of downtown is different now. Places I slept no longer exist.

Truly, I do not need to spend time here. My objective, to find sympathetic readers, perhaps get page views for my articles or sales from My Zazzle (and, at onset, my many other online endeavors), did not work. My request for a hand up, not a hand out, netted zero. My last shot at an independent income down the drain, why am I still at it? Something to do to pass time until death do me part.

I do have lots of other stuff to fill my time. New goal will be to do it.

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