Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Do not think it a co-incidence that I have started seeing roaches ever since John started leaving trash on his cart. Neighbor, Mike, said roaches do not come inside via gap underneath doors. My kitchen door floor gap is probably 1/4" and a bit larger on the hinge side of the door. After seeing the second or third roach and a round, fat spider, I got roach baits at 99 cent type store. Most of their stuff costs more than that, but it is close to home.

I had not replaced them for months, maybe even a year or more. Obviously they are not working this time, so splurged on name brand roach spray. I do not remember if I bug bombed this apartment when I moved here, but think I did. I saw prior tenants red roach baits pasted here and there. If I did not see any roaches, I may have just removed his baits and placed the 99 cent type. I know I have seen some now and then. Mainly when Corey moved out.

Quite sure I am correct in blaming the roaches appearances on John. Heard him telling someone "I have to get rid of my bugs." I am guessing that is the reason for his late night deconstructing something. The wood left in basket atop his cart.

Someone told me bugs do not like powder, which is why I bought real 99 cent store foot powder to sprinkle around my sleep spots while living on the streets. I got used to the crickets at the fountain, but not the roaches.  Thinking to self, I am bigger than a bug so why do they bug me so much? Maybe because they can scurry vertically across walls and especially those darn roaches, they move so fast.

Hope the roach spray barrier helps.

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