Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Last Confession

Note says: Lots of homeless quotes in The Last Confession by Solomon Jones. I read it a while ago and am guessing the quotes on back of letter are from that book. The letter from my schizophrenic nephew was not dated. I no longer save all letters I receive. Stan's are basically all the same, so only keep certain letters from him, like about flooding or answering my query if he felt the large Virginia earthquake.

~businesswoman stepping over a prostrate homeless man.
~"He looked like he could've been homeless." (a man who dropped off a note)
~nearby park that had once been home to rats and homeless drug addicts.
~homeless men bathing the fountain. (park or city building decorative fountain)
~bunch of guys sleep down there near the expressway ramp.
~the sleeping ones were only dead in spirit. (homeless man)
~wondered how they wound up living in the shadows...had they seen things they wanted to forget; done things they refused to remember; men who tried and failed.

I guess the following (page 232) was a typo "you are though" that I jotted down.

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