Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Whitney Houston Foundation for Children

Did not locate a website for Whitney Houston Foundation for Children. Info on the web says her foundation fed homeless and hungry children; provided Christmas parties for homeless children; helped children who had cancer or AIDS in addition to helping with educational costs.

I tire of people calling Whitney a drug addict, crack whore or posting an image of flag covered coffins with text saying:Whitney Who? Yes, she admitted to using drugs; yes her addictions cost her physically and mentally; but, then again the same could be true of our troops that did not die in wars. The point being a certain number of people want media to honor our heroes not our celebrities.

I do not recall a big hullabaloo when Bob Hope's death was widely reported on. Like, Bob, Whitney performed to honor our troops. She donated royalties from top ten charting rendition of Star Spangled Banner to the NYC police and firefighter's funds after the WTC attacks on September 11, 200.  Guinness Book of World Records proclaimed her the all time most awarded female artist. 

She must have been well-known by many ~ for her talents, her generosity of spirit, for her beauty. Do you know Andrew Reinhard? Was his death of a helicopter crash in Afghanistan national news? Yes it would be nice if mainstream media reported nightly on each and every person who died at war. Less nice if they reported: Another Iraqi War Vet Confesses to Smoking Pot (crack, snorting coke, shooting heroin).

Whitney Houston is a well-known person, Andrew Reinhard is not. His death is only news to those who knew him or a family member, whereas Whitney's death is news to the millions of fans who bought her records, watched her in movies, attended her concerts, danced to her music, cried along with her sad songs, rejoiced with the happy ones.

That she cared enough to feed homeless children is a big plus in my eyes. I do not know any good works done by Andrew, other than risking his life by joining the military. I feel for his grieving family and friends; which is different than grieving for the loss of Whitney; feeling pain for those who loved and lost her. I see nothing wrong with media's attention to her death. She earned it.

For more info about Whitney's charitable works see Whitney-Fan dot com.

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