Thursday, February 23, 2012

Train Day

I missed train day. My lame joke every 2/22 ~ too, too, too or choo.

Neighbor, Phil, knocked on my door last night; maybe around 6PM. Said he wanted to tell me Food Bank is this Saturday. I was glad he did; if I got an e-mail reminding us of the date, I deleted it unread. Header was: Update on baptism. Since I did not know the lady who decided to be baptized, I was not interested in the second update. She made the decision while volunteering at the last Food Bank.

I said something lame to Phil ~ did not realize it was that late in the month. He said, it is a short month (as if I am not aware that February is the shortest month of the year.) Unless I look at the computer calendar, I never know what the date is and often wake not knowing what day of the week it is. Some weeks, I lose a day or two. It will be Thursday and I could swear it is Wednesday.

Part of that is due to being retired. Another part is because of disorientation due to sleep disturbances or should I say sleep deprivation. Not being allowed to go to sleep at a normal hour when I am tired, due to John and/or Chris' noises.

I tried to convey that last to Phil, last month. Or maybe it was the month prior. He patiently began to explain how I can mark the calendar (as if I do not know that.) It did not matter, last year, when I had two calendars, one in my Great Room, the other in bathroom where I could not miss seeing it ~ directly across from toilet. Even though I marked the two Food Bank dates, it did not help, unless I made myself aware of what day of the week it was and what week of the month it was. (I want to say "we were in" but that preposition rule is hounding me.)

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