Sunday, February 26, 2012


Um, instead what? Maybe John and Tweety went to take a nap and their company departed. John's cart was left smack dab in the middle of the sidewalk blocking access to front gate. I went to take a photo ~ seems I had neglected to send, then delete last set of cell images I took. By the time I sent them, downloaded, deleted them, John was back outside. I thought maybe he decided to wheel his cart to the back gate and discard the two bags of trash sitting on it. And the large piece of wood that extended across front and back.

If I has wanted to leave via front gate, I would have had a hard time maneuvering around it and pushing it away ~ towards the fence ~ in front of his back door, would block gate handle. Whatever I had planned to go to the store for, I decided it could wait. That cart sat there most of the day. Had been listening to his TV (again) every time I went in my bathroom; annoyed, skipped showering (again).

So this morning when I woke, opened back door, I began wishing for rain. A nice, big rainstorm so that his clothes would get soaking wet. Did not look at all like rain; fat chance, I thought. Later in the day when I opened back door, I was delighted to see that one of his pairs of shorts had blown off the fence. I was tempted to take out my recycling just so I could step on them. And maybe, use broom stick handle to push a colorful t-shirt over the fence to land in neighbors yard. Tempted.

Yet the breeze that had his clothes flapping, another ready to take a fall, would likely only land them on this side, so it would be obvious I was being spiteful. Criminal mind, eh? Only do the deed if there is no chance of getting caught.

When it started to rain later in the day, Michael Jackson's song, "Bad" began playing in my mind. Who's bad? Me? Now if only wishing for something to happen, would make good things happen, instead of wrongful wishes coming to pass.

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