Monday, February 27, 2012

Who's Bad

Michael Jackson's tune, "Bad" has been playing in my head today. It started last night.

I had not noticed that it got dark until someone started making noise outside my back high window. No one should be doing anything behind my apartment, especially at that hour. Not the first time someone was out there doing something. I assumed correctly that it was John due to hearing his door close shortly afterwards. I got up to climb on a chair and look out the window, but could not see a thing, so went to quietly, very quietly open my back door and take a peek.

The security light is no longer working; ever since I encountered the skunk, I am leery of opening the door after dark. I could barely see, so walked to the window. The noise was John hanging his clothes on the fence to dry. It seemed there were less clothes than would account for the amount and length of noises. What kind of dodo hangs clothes out to dry after dark ~ a cold, damp night. It might not have gotten on my nerves, except for two things. One, anything John does now annoys me. Two, he and Tweety had been carrying on all day with their noise and jabbering.

Cleaning, I would have loved to open my kitchen. It is so dark and dreary in that small kitchen, but I lost the right to keep blinds open, curtains tied back, window cracked shortly after peeping Tom, nosy John moved in next door. I did have door open for a bit, hoping to dry floor faster; quickly closed when I heard them talking loud in kitchen. Soon John and someone else, not Tweety, was out back, making a racket. When they quieted down, I thought they had left the building.


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