Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Before going outside... check my mail, I told myself, not to get in a conversation with anyone. So that I should have said to Phil, "I know", ditched circulars in bin left there for that purpose, walked right on back inside. But when do I ever listen to my own advice.

Not sure how the conversation went, just that he followed me right to my door, I stepped inside, but did not pull screen door shut, that would be rude. "Do you have a calendar?" Phil asks. Oh, yes, now he is going to explain to me how I can mark my calendar to reflect what days the circulars arrive. I chuckled, not letting him begin, saying, "Yeah, I know, I can mark calendar, but then I forget to look at it, like when Mike first told me about his church's food bank..." blah, blah, blah.

"He's moving," Phil says pointing towards Chris' door. Oh?

"Can't say I am sorry to see him go. When is he moving?", I ask.

The conversation went on for a while, then Doug, came over to talk to us. After a while Doug, said, "Sorry I butted in on your conversation. I will leave so you and Phil can continue talking."

I told another lie, about needing to use bathroom and being on my way out. That is okay, Phil told a lie too. "Mary just told me," he said to Doug, "that she loves having you for a neighbor, friend." Not the first time Phil put words in my mouth.

Bottom line: Chris is probably moving out at end of month; John is moving out also; John has been warned; I should call David; if John is still there, he will be evicted; Phil asked Chris to lower his music, hearing it inside his apartment; Chris left the volume loud.

Doug and Chris are friends or were friends, so too late I realized my gaffe, getting involved in a conversation about Chris (and John) with Phil.

I hate to jinx it by saying: it is quiet tonight. do not hear John's radio/television. Just heard it a little bit when I was in kitchen earlier in the day. Did not get enough detailed info from Phil, but I am quite sure John has been doing it on purpose. If being warned means he was told the month-to-month lease was terminated, and he had to move, then he would figure, it is okay to violate the house rules and regulations. Rather like saying F-you to both Mr. Manager, and to me for complaining about it.

I did tell Phil and Doug that I was going to give David my notice and go back to living on the streets being unable to tolerate being kept up by John and Chris noise after 10PM any longer.

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