Friday, January 27, 2012

Another Rant

9:45PM ~ I listened to Chris cough for an hour or more. He was in John's kitchen. Have not heard John's voice at all today. The smell from whatever Chris was cooking in John's apartment was nauseating me. I guess Chris has John's kitchen window open ~ the odor drifting along the complex wall entering my apartment through Great Room window. Except I can smell it in my kitchen also, though not as strong.

Now the radio is on. I am guessing radio, except it is the same sound I have heard many, many days and nights. Sounds like laughter, and squealing. Maybe it is Chris watching John's porno movies. Except I went out front, walked to John's bathroom window, sounds like a radio coming from bathroom or maybe the small hallway/closet area.

My bathroom door is shut as I have been forced to keep it ever since John moved in next door. I was so tired I could have fallen to sleep at 8PM ~ I guess once Chris' coughing in John's kitchen started up, I started getting agitated to wakefulness.

I need to get up early tomorrow to get to Food Bank by 830AM. Usually not an issue. Except all those mornings after all those nights of John blaring his TV/radio/stereo. Kept awake late; fitful sleep; wake groggy & tired; some mornings going back to sleep until past 8AM.

Then there was Phil...

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