Wednesday, January 25, 2012

80 degrees outside

Have library books in bag ready to take a walk to return them. Did a search of library catalog to see if some books I want to read are available at the Brewitt branch. It is 1:36PM; temp below says it is 80 degrees in Long Beach right now. I checked about an hour ago, it said 76 degrees. Why then am I sitting here?

One of the good things about being homeless; I was an outdoor person, thus being outdoors 24/7 was less of a problem for me than it would be to indoor people. I did not need to be cooped up indoors with air conditioning running on hot days, nor be sitting in front of a television set or computer screen. When not at work, I was outside; at a park, the beach, anywhere, but inside. So why am I sitting here on such a beautiful sunny So Cal day?


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