Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Some days I hate Blogger. Was on second paragraph, do not know what key I hit, and wham it all disappeared.  Hate that.

Maybe John is asleep. Quiet coming from his apartment. He is no longer talking in courtyard. Why should I be afraid to leave my apartment when he is home? No rational reason. Would he actually try to break into my apartment with Chris' help? Doubtful. Yet here I sit, immobile.

I know I shut off radio alarm clock. Yet I woke around 6AM, annoyed. Radio playing in addition to too loud WMP. I was too tired to get up and turn them off. Maybe I did get up to turn off radio, use bathroom; do not recall. Take pillow off head, take out earplug, hold in hand, ear lobe hurts from arm over pillow pressing it down to drown out sound of John's television or radio/stereo.

Woke again some time after 8AM, getting my day off to a bad start. Rubbing aching ear lobe, angry that I am still suffering because John continues to violate House Rules & Regulations. I went outside last night, to check, yup he was blaring the whatever. It was early, yet I considered, for the umpteenth time calling the cops.

John (and Chris) does not live in the courtyard. His loud sounds do not need to be heard there. Or out back. Because when he has it that loud, I am hearing it my bedroom. It disturbs my peace.

I had two perfectly quiet nights last week. I am guessing he got read the riot act; Tweety made to leave and ever since he not only does his normal aggravating too loud, but pumps up the volume, louder and louder the later it gets. I believe he is doing that on purpose to annoy me. He is well aware he is violating House Rules and Regulations.

I have not gone out to check the mail yet this week. I doubt he will be gone at the end of the month ~ both of them. I dread calling manager again. At this moment, someone just upped the volume of something. May be John; will not know until I stop typing, get up and go in kitchen. Hungry. Always tomorrow. I can always go to library tomorrow, even though I had planned to go to downtown branch yesterday...

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