Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Meals

Found one listing for Thanksgiving meals being served in Long Beach.

The first free dinner, Drive-Thru” Thanksgiving meal on Sunday, does not specify what Sunday the meal is being served.

7th Street Parkcrest church is serving their annual meal on Thanksgiving. Their website does not give information about it. Perhaps readers need to join the website to have access to Calendar information. My neighbor, Phil, is the guy in photo on right at Food Bank page. I think Phil told me they will be serving until 3PM, but not sure what time it begins.

I have not heard back from Mr. Manager as to his speaking to the men about the incident when Chris put Phil in a choke hold causing him to pass out. It bothers me that Phil did not have Chris arrested the day it happened; nor report it to manager. I would rather not ask Phil if David spoke to him, but I would like to know if Phil follows the shall not lie command. Although I enjoy volunteering at the Food Bank, if I learn he did not tell David the truth, I doubt I will help out at that one anymore.

I do plan to attend the Thanksgiving feast, but doubt I will volunteer to serve. 

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