Saturday, September 24, 2011

Food Bank

Crossing Redondo Avenue at Anaheim Street, I heard that cough. I stopped when I got to the east side of Redondo, to peer at people lined up at a church's food bank. Yup, there was neighbor Chris sitting, possibly on a low border wall. I say I can hear him cough 1/2 a block away, but think the church is closer to a 1/4 block south of the corner.

I thought to walk home, get some bags and go wait in line myself. I know Chris' door was open, but would have liked to verify that he left it open when he left the premises. That is neither here nor there ~ no law saying we must shut our front doors when leaving our apartments ~ his screen door is locked. He started doing this sometime early in August. I thought it odd that he was never leaving his apartment; my little windows of opportunity to open my own door to get some air circulating inside. Um, wrong post, will finish about my nemesis another time.

I decided I had enough food and continued on my walk to the libraray.

I call that church "Mike's church" because he was the one who told me about their food bank. He volunteers there. I usually forget what Saturday it is, even when marked on my calendar. I was paying attention this month, but my calendar notation (which was accurate at the time I noted it) said Mike's church's food bank was the following week.

One night Mike knocked on my door, asking if I ate (whatever, rice, beans, noodles, applesauce). His cabinets were overflowing; he intended to return stuff to his church, but wanted to know if I wanted some of it. He made many trips back and forth to his apartment to bring me canned goods, beans, noodles, and so on. He tells me his church has cancelled the food bank due to running out of food.

I call the church on 7th Street at Obispo "Phil's church" because it is the one he attends. He tells me he also volunteers at Mike's church. A bit past 6:30AM Phil rattles my screen door. Thank you, I was awake; if he had woken me I would have had a fit. I had set alarm clock, but woke groggy (thank you Chris and John keeping me awake all night) and debated if I would go to the food bank to volunteer. I had not promised Phil that I was going to do so.

I did intend to go get my ticket early, say at 8AM; had to be home by noon for Verizon technician. Phil tells me how understanding Mark is. Mark is the man who runs the food bank. He was put out when I told him I could not stay to serve the food; volunteers are required to stay until 1PM. Um...

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