Friday, May 20, 2011

Pete on the Streets

Just found and started reading Pete on the Streets, another newly homeless blogger.  A poem  he shared starts:

"They're all
Sitting on the sidewalks, sleeping in the parks,
The invisible people everybody walks past..."

To Do List: Kinkos, see if their computers will read my DVDs; see if I can copy them, then transfer back to my computer. 

I wrote about feeling invisible; no longer recall how or why I felt invisible when street living. Would be nice to read what I wrote again to find out. Prior to, I not only made eye-contact with homeless people, I sat down (or stood) and had conversations with them. Wrote about that as well. I also averted eye-contact when passing homeless people; so tiresome being asked for spare change. I started saying, "No, but I will give you some Share change." 

Okay, back to read Pete in the Street's blog, like his style.

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