Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th

Concern over the possibility that May 12, 2012 would be Judgement Day, not that I believed it, kept me from noticing that today would be another Friday the 13th. Of course, the actual date is May 21st meaning my mental countdown till the 12th needs to continue a bit longer.

Friday the 13th reminds me of daughter Lori who was born on a Tuesday the 13th. She decided 13 would be her lucky number. I too decided to make 13 a lucky number simply because every one else thinks it is a bad luck number, especially when it falls on Friday. Through the years, Lori's birthday, naturally has fallen on Fridays.

I do know that 13 follows 12; did know yesterday was Thursday, yet this Friday the 13th eluded me until I woke, turned on computer, went to my Facebook page to check status updates. A few friends mentioned it, one said "Happy Friday the 13th". : ?

I notice that any work I did on this blog yesterday has been undone. I wonder if any posts disappeared completely. When I come to Blogger, I schedule posts to publish at later dates. I know I finished up a draft on Sleep Positions, added tags, and published. Yet whatever I added, as well as the tags, were gone. Title added to a quote from news article likewise disappeared. Strange.

What I added to Sleep Positions was a mention of again waking up on my back, with throw pillow that I use to cover my head, lying on chest/stomach area. It happened again this morning. Zero recall as to changing positions and moving the pillow. The couch cushions are not firm, so guess, if I am going to be a restless sleeper, it is time to start using the sofa bed again. Back hurt when I awoke today.

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