Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sleep Positions

Lyric just popped into my head: "...sleep won't come the whole night through". I am quite sure it is from a Hank Williams tune that I have not heard for many years. What was I thinking prior to? Well, obviously what I was about to type here. Insomnia has plagued me on and off for many years. My mind wandered to times when I could not fall to sleep; times when I switched sleep position over and over again, finally moving from bed to floor, which often worked to put me to sleep.

It was a big problem when I worked, watching the clock tic towards 6AM, terrified to fall asleep, say at 3AM, wondering if I would oversleep in the morning. Spent many a groggy-eyed day at work. Hardly remember those times now; still have groggy-eyed days, but not a problem, because I am home, alone, can take a nap, depending of course, upon how noisy the neighbors are being.

Sleep positions: the best is lying on back, no pillow. I would do that, put pillow over my head. I would lay on left side, right side, curled fetal-style, favorite was on stomach, arm curled under breasts, head to one side, turn to the other side; up, switch head position to bottom of bed, trying all of the above sleep positions. Never fell asleep using any one of the various positions.

Now I tend to sleep on my side, with back against sofa, knees somewhat curled up. I got so used to sleeping with pillow over my head (and earplugs) living in this apartment, I can not fall to sleep anymore without doing so. When I have trouble drifting off to sleep, I switch head positions. Have only tried the floor a few times, mainly, I guess, filthy carpet makes it unappealing.

The other morning, I was surprised when I woke. I was on my back with my bed pillow laying across chest, stomach. My head was resting on the throw pillow that I put over my head when I go to sleep. No recollection of waking in the middle of the night, yet I somehow managed to move both pillows.

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