Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Affordable Housing for mentally ill, former homeless

There is a photo with this Gazette article of a building on Redondo Avenue. I was to have gotten an apartment in that building; wrote about it, published photo of the building as it was being remodeled. I did not like that the improvement did away with the apartments' back doors. I imagine this created more room inside. Yet for me, having a back door, to go sit outside gives more privacy than trying to sit outside in the front courtyard.

Of course, this particular building, did not offer much privacy. The back door side faces a mini-mart service station parking lot. When I sat outside the laundromat, I would think that if I had lived there, I would hang a shower curtain over the metal fence. Lots of sunshine, thought I would still have been able to sit outside my back door and enjoy the sun. If I had lived there.

There is a phone number that says there are a limited number of vacancies. I wonder if the Village Safe Haven program still runs the complex and the one on Ester Street. Maybe I will force myself to call and find out if I am eligible; nah, do not like no back door.

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