Friday, April 29, 2011


A Facebook friend's status update told of how he was crossing a street in the rain, when a loud horn startled him. He turned around to see an ambulance, but the men in the vehicle were not in a hurry to get somewhere, just having a good laugh making him the butt of their joke.

Earlier in the same day, the friend posted about a comment he made on an article, proud as peaches that he had 476 likes on his comment. Hey, I would be too! Likes are always more welcome than Thumbs Down or nothing at all. I read other comments on the article and some expressed dismay that people would make a joke out of someone's death ~ a human cannonball who died on the job when the landing safety nap collapsed just before he landed on it. The friend said "everyone else was cracking jokes about the poor guy, I could not resist".


People do get a kick out of tormenting homeless people to get a laugh (or worse). Friend is not homeless. But he once was. I was going to type a shorter version of the above as a comment on his second post. Maybe I should have pointed it out. Everyone else was throwing water balloons at he sleeping homeless guy, I could not resist. Um...

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