Saturday, March 19, 2011


A bit past 10PM and neighbor John starts up his noise. I was all set to go to bed. Sad, that the rest of my life I will not be able to go to sleep anymore when I am tired. Baring a miracle of course. Had to listen to Chris all day long. Cough, cough, LOUD COUGH, talk, talk LOUD yelling, not in the mean yelling kind of way, in the Hey Joe, you know what, kind of way. As if Joe could not hear him if he did not raise his voice. Sigh. Ring, ring goes the telephone.

The miracle would be both of those men being gone and replaced by nice, elderly, quiet neighbors who respect others who share the complex. Or if I played the lottery and won enough money to move. Or rents suddenly went back down to something reasonable.

Depression is a feeling. Had that thought earlier. I just feel it in my body, if that makes sense. Not the same as feeling down in the dumps, got the blues, missing someone, general sadness.

Now I feel anger rising in my body, WTF is he doing? I would liken the noise to using a rolling pin, but much louder. Hello insomnia. I was relieved when he did not blast the water for too long; curious as to why the water is rushing so loudly, yet he is in kitchen slam/baming stuff. But the noise now, is too, too loud and I am already agitated with remembrances of other nights he started his house cleaning and hammering at late hours, then continued on for hours.

Live alone; does not seem like it. Disturbed to the point that I forgot what I was writing. C'est la vie.


L said...

Sounds like your neighbor is on meth. Running the water to mask the sounds of him geeking out and using torches to smoke from glass pipes. The "gnat" sounds may be the sounds of lighters. Judging from the erratic behavior and odd hours, I'm even more suspicious. Sorry you have to go through this.

alyceclover said...

He does not seem the drug type, but I did not think of that.

The gnat sounds started prior to his moving into the apartment and the clicking is too close to my ear to be coming from his apartment.

They could be an hallucination. Or something wrong with my ear? Since the sound is outside the ear, think it must be hallucination.