Saturday, February 12, 2011


Speculative: Given to conjecture or speculation.

One thing lead to another. I guess I did not know what being speculative actually means. I likened it to gambling; taking a risk.

Thesaurus lists inquisitive, wondering, questioning, curious as synonyms for speculative.

Conjecture: inference or judgment based on inconclusive or incomplete evidence; guesswork.

Okay, so maybe a speculative person could be defined as a risk-taker. Yes I have taken risks or gambled on life. After considering the practicality of doing so. I did not suddenly say one day, " I am going off on an adventure, moving to California," a lot of thought went into the decision. Not very practical to say, "Well if the car dies en-route, I will take it as a sign that is where I belong, and would stay there." LOL if it had, I would likely have been homeless a whole lot sooner.

Do not remember how much savings I had when I packed up and headed west. I vaguely recall having six months rent in savings when I quit waitressing to sell real estate. Big risk there, to give up a steady, if low, income for commission only income. I did keep a part time job that earned me less than $30.00 a week and some weeks that was all the income I had. A mixture of practical and speculative.

I am obvioulsy inquisitive, wondering, questioning, curious; if not, I would not have looked up the definition "practical" which lead to this series of posts, I had a hard time tagging. Although I am no longer without a roof over my head, I used my old tag "homeless thoughts" because it meant my thoughts.

Practical is: acquired through practice or action; and once a body takes a risk of quitting a low-paying, dead-end job with no benefits for the chance of earning an adequate, yes, even better than adequate income, based solely on commissions; once taking that action or testing a theory (that I could sell real estate and earn a better income), it sets a precedence for taking other similar risks in life.

Dr. Ahmad, of course, would see doing that as being under the influence of a brain chemical imbalance. Sigh.

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