Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rent: 1970

I used to say "He averaged ten jobs a year," about my then husband. As mentioned I kept all papers and I did the math, oh, perhaps after five years of marriage. When he first came home from jail, I was sympathetic; after all (as my mother would say), it was an adjustment moving from structured prison life to general society.

He was not home long when our apartment was raided by the cops. They did not find any drugs. Lots of stories there. Our rent was $100. a month. I do not recall electric or gas bills. As mentioned I used to save all that stuff, all long gone now. Did not have a telephone until mother and mother-in-law insisted a pregnant woman needed one. One of them paid to install it. The car died. His car. I lost mine due to an accident that totalled it. Do think I would not have married him if I had my car.

Home from jail how did we get a vehicle? Do not recall. Maybe his father bought him a cheap used one. Perhaps he borrowed his brother's work van. Do know by the end of 1970 we had two vehicles. One a pink Cadillac; $800. loan he never repaid. One of all the arguments I lost. Was it $800.? As mentioned, papers...

Clueless as to what the other vehicle was, except we had it prior to his getting the Cadillac. I also lost the argument about moving from the dive apartment. I said "If you can not afford to keep up with $100. a month...". I think the apartment we moved to was $180., two bedrooms, new garden apartment complex. Roaches just like the last apartment. We lived there for three months. More of less.

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