Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Price of Tea in China

A lot of words, eh, to say my neighbor's noise brought back old memory of sister finding me in the Furnace Room. Wanted to write "even as a child I was disturbed by noise", but as mentioned I do not recall noise being my issue. It was wanting to be alone, away from people. I guess I still want to be alone away from people. I truly do not think I should be forced to listen to Chris' talk all day long. LOUD. I live alone, yet feel I am surrounded by people and their noise daily.

I have lived with people in houses. They talk on the telephone, watch TV, often loud TV, often not so loud, but first thing in the morning. They play music. They shower. They argue. Or just converse. Can not say it drove me bonkers. Except for the loud music, parties, when I wanted to go to sleep and could not do so.

I spent a lot of time sleeping over at nephew's apartment when I should have been home in my own. That is its own story. And before I go off on a spiel about Case Workers "go live with your nephew"...

If I were living in a house or sleeping in person's apartment and a telephone started ringing just as I was drifting off to sleep, okay. But I am living alone and Chris is across the courtyard, not in the same house or apartment as me. Why am I forced to listen to his telephones and answering machine? As early as 5:22AM (or earlier), all day long, in addition to his LOUD constant talking. In addition to other talking, car alarms set off when someone zooms up the street with whatever noise their car makes that sets them off and so on.

I heard lots of outside noise when I lived on Broadway. Even, I imagine, neighbor conversations going on in courtyard. But nothing like this. And nothing I can do about it. Manager is useless. The complex Rules and Regulations are very clear about noises that disturb other tenants. Ditto on volume of radios, TVS, stereos. He said "I do not want Chris to think I'm singling him out." Well, duh, why not? He is violating the rules and needs to be told he stops it or he will be evicted.

Ditto John. I have not yet complained about Doug. Wish Mike would do so. Wonder how Phil manages. He works nights and Doug seems to think it is okay to blast his music if it is before 10PM. Sigh.

Okay that is it, no more whining about the neighbors driving me insane.

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