Thursday, February 03, 2011

Gluten Leads To Dermatitis

The Homeless Guy is on a diet mentioning gluten several times. I should know, but did not, what gluten is. Especially because a niece often mentions on her Facebook wall, succumbing to eating gluten, feeling crappy on account of it and her gluten allergy. Gluten is like lactose intolerance to me; foreign word that suddenly became buzz. How to explain that more clearly. Um...

We studied the basic 7 Food Groups starting in elementary school. Health classes never mentioned gluten or lactose. Then suddenly lactose is a household word. And where did "household word" come from? Um...

I can go off-topic quite quickly.

The Homeless Guy wrote a post Fat Homeless People. He starts the post mentioning how some people are bewildered by fat homeless people. His last sentence pretty much sums up why they need not be puzzled by why people living on the streets can be overweight or obese even.

After reading it I decided it was a good time for me to find out more about gluten. Gluten allergies can lead to rashes which reminded me of my teenage years. Um, maybe I was misdiagnosed and it was all that Italian and Wonder Bread that caused my dermatitis.

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